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 With Drinking Post Waterers, thirsty animals press their nose to the paddle in an empty bowl.  Fresh, clean water instantly fills the bowl.  The bowl fills as long as the animal presses the paddle.  Because the valve is located below the local frostline, the water is roughly 50 F / 10 C year-round.  This means fresh cool water in the summer and fresh warm water in the winter.  

Drinking Post

 With Ritchie Waterers, your livestock will have Fresh Water for Life. Ritchie not only offers superior fountains, they also support their products with detailed and regularly published videos, energy efficiency information, and more. Read below to learn how to get the information you need about your new Ritchie watering unit.   


 ​​​​​​​​​Gallagher pioneered New Zealand's first electric fencing system in 1938 and has consistently led the way in quality, innovative animal management systems that are made to last. Our offering includes electric fencing, weighing, data collection and livestock watering systems.Users of our quality systems and products trust us to deliver solutions that help them do and achieve more on their land and with their livestock.  


Poly Hay feeders are among the most durable in the industry. Extremely light, flexible and durable, these feeders can take rough handling with ease.

Poly Hay Feeder